App Tester & Promoter

We are a tech startup focusing on effective social media marketing. We are looking for App Testers and Promoters in New York City. This is a remote role, but we do request authentic experience: the tester needs to complete one of the contracts exhibited in the app in person. You will be compensated for completing the contract in the app and also optionally promoting our app by sharing your experience on social media. Total compensation should be $80 on average for 20 extra minutes of your time.

  • Register an account and select a contract of your choice

  • Finish the contract as guided: try the service, upload your receipt, and upload social media post screenshot (based on contract)

  • Share your experience to promote the app. Additional bonus applies based on performance

  • You are in NYC

  • You enjoy your life and periodically visit local restaurants, salons or spas etc.

  • You need to use one of our supported social media platforms: Instagram ,TikTok, Facebook, 小红书 / Little Red Book

  • No resume needed! YES!

  • No experience needed! YES!

  • Flexible schedule

  • Additional compensation if you complete more than one contract!

To Apply: please fill out your information on this form: